Terms & Conditions


MSRP: $10 solid colors $12 pattern colors
MAP: $9.95 solid colors $11.95 pattern colors

40 – 250 pairs: $5 solid colors $6 pattern colors
251 – 1000 pairs: $4.50 solid colors $5.40 pattern colors

Order Minimums
Opening order special: $300 (~60 pairs) & free display stand
Opening order: $200 (~40 pairs)
Reorders: $100 (~20 pairs)

Additional Items
Countertop display stand: $18
Hanging display stand: Expected in Q4 2019

$5 for every 20 pairs on orders
Free shipping on orders of 100+ pairs


Payment Terms
Major Credit Cards and checks accepted
Opening order to be paid in advance
Reorders can be net 30 with credit approval

Complementary Items
Sample laces for staff
Shoe display signs and clips

Top Selling Colors
1. Jaguar Black
2. Ghost Gray
3. Silky White
4. Flamingo Pink
5. Electric Yellow
6. Tropical Blue
7. Midnight Blue


Damaged Goods
If you receive a damaged product, we will accept returns and offer refund or credit to your account.

From time to time, we may have promotions on our website.

We will notify you via email 4-6 weeks prior to the promotion start date where you will be able to participate fully and equally with the site promotion. After the promotion ends, please send in proof of sales and you will be credited for the amount discounted on the promotion.

Online Sales
Wholesale accounts are not permitted to sell on third party websites, including Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Google Shopping, etc. Accounts are permitted to sell on their own website.

Contact Us
Email: [email protected]
Call: (407) 308-2232
Address: 2804 Dawley Ave, Orlando, FL 32806