Holiday Promotions

We are running a holiday promotion of 3 for $25 on our website, and encourage all current retailers to participate! To help with wholesale margins, we are offering 10% off wholesale pricing on the shoelaces between November 21st – January 6th. Use promo code “happyholidays2019


Introducing the NEW Bracelet / Hair Ties


 Since the trial period was so successful, we are now offering these to retailers! They can and will be marketed as a hair tie and/or bracelet. They are made from the left over shoelace material in an effort to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly company. It will have a wholesale price of $0.85 per unit and a retail price of 3 for $5.


Countertop Displays

Don’t forget about your countertop display stand, they are the most effective way to expose the products!